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AS 3.0 Game Programming University by Gary Rosenzweig

AS3 Game Programming Univiersity The author Gary Resonzweig has written lots and lots of Flash games. I won the book as a raffle prize at the Indie MMO Conference in March. My other choices were OpenGL books. I figured I'd end up loaning it to the designers at work. The book has a website -- -- with sample code and a community. That's a great addition.

The book talks about fundamentals and walks the reader through 14 different games. The author makes great suggestions on ways to extend and improve the games. I learned a little bit in each of the games, mostly about AS3. I'd have done some of the coding differently but not so much that I consider anything wrong.

This book is essential for anyone trying to write games in Flash and AS3. It is easy to understand, has a logical progression, and includes game types you'll want to extend. It is a good addition to my library even though I expect I won't use it much.

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